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The new online

Where members can swap or tokenize their skills & services.

Trade your talents, swap your skills, earn rewards.

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the PT

the Coach

Yolanda the Yogi

Dave the



Pete, Ciara, Dave and Yolanda all sign up to Barterchain and are given tokens to barter with immediately. Pete’s looking for advice on expanding his business, so reaches out to Ciara. They come to an agreement and when the barter’s complete, the tokens are transferred over. Ciara wants her website revamped so she reaches out to Dave. They come to an agreement and the tokens are transferred over. Dave’s been wanting to incorporate more wellness into his life, he arranges yoga classes with Yolanda and after every one, the tokens are transferred over.

It's a win-win-win-win, everyone gets what they need and the tokens are passed on and on, benefitting everyone in between.

After a successful behind the scenes trial phase, we're now developing a platform to be piloted. We're looking for a group of people to test out our platform and be the first to benefit from barter. Leave your name and email here if you'd like to learn more about this exciting stage!

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I'm always looking to speak to people with any interest or experience in barter. If you have either, please do reach out :)

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