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I'm Carla Rosenkranz the founder of Barterchain, and to explain to you why we're here I'm going to bring you to the beginning of our story. After graduating in languages I relocated abroad, where I worked hard as an English teacher but often found myself cash-poor. One day I was particularly stressed out and needed the likes of a yoga class, which was something I couldn't afford... and then there was a light-bulb moment. I thought "what if I offer an English class in exchange for a yoga class?" and within a week - I was getting yoga, Spanish lessons, massages and my entire house cleaned!!! I continued to barter my way around Spain and Italy for two years, organising exchanges for both myself and colleagues. It was like I had won the lotto, I felt absolutely liberated and was living 'la dolce vita' - until the pandemic forced me home.


As the headlines started rolling in about unemployment levels, a potential recession around the corner and the inevitability of a cashless society - I couldn't stop thinking about barter and how many people it could benefit. I have since been committed to creating a platform that facilitates barter, making services more accessible to all. Along with my tech wizard co-founder and team of dreams, we're turning this vision into a reality. We are certain that this platform is needed in today's economic climate and could improve the standard of living for so many.

Thank you for reading the story behind Barterchain and we look forward to bartering with you very soon!


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