I'm Carla Rosenkranz the founder of Barterchain, and to explain to you why we're here I'm going to bring you to the beginning of our story. After graduating in languages I relocated abroad, where I worked hard as an English teacher but often found myself cash-poor. One day I was particularly stressed out and needed the likes of a yoga class, which was something I couldn't afford... and then there was a light-bulb moment. I thought "what if I offer an English class in exchange for a yoga class?" and within a week - I was getting yoga, Spanish lessons, massages and my entire house cleaned!!! I continued to barter my way around Spain and Italy for two years, organising exchanges for both myself and colleagues. It was like I had won the lotto, I felt absolutely liberated and was living 'la dolce vita' - until the pandemic forced me home.


As the headlines started rolling in about unemployment levels, a potential recession around the corner and the inevitability of a cashless society - I couldn't stop thinking about barter and how many people it could benefit. I have since been committed to creating a platform that facilitates barter, making services more accessible to all. Along with my tech wizard co-founder, we're embarking on our very first start-up - and finally feel ready for investment to get this barterplace funded and developed. I am certain that this platform will be needed in a post-COVID world and could improve the standard of living for so many. If you agree and want to help us prove this to investors - please fill out the sign-up form below, or reach out to me by message. Thank you for reading the story behind Barterchain and I hope that this is just the beginning!

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