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Barterchain Blog

Check out the topical pieces the team have written on barter, who it can benefit,
and why now is the time to bring it back.

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The Irish Times

"Bartering is back. Meet the people swapping goods and skills. This old system allows people to outsource tasks, learn new skills and treat themselves, without spending a cent."


The Mayo News

"A young Westport woman is blazing a trail in the world of bartering. Carla Rosenkranz's expanding company launches new mobile app."


Western People

"As with many people who have paved their way in the start-up sector, Carla’s energy is infectious when we sit down to talk"


Sunday Independent - 30 Under 30

Alongside an inspiring group of entrepreneurs, Carla is named one of the ‘30 under 30 young guns of Irish Business’.

Money Never Sleeps

Pete Townsend riffs with Carla about her conviction to start building Barterchain, and her psychic storytelling superpowers.


Techstars Newsroom

Out of over 300 applications, Barterchain is one of 9 companies to get into Ireland’s very first Techstars Accelerator Programme.

The Business Post

With the pandemic shedding a light on sustainability and community, Arlene Harris interviews Carla on ‘Swapping Shopping for Meaningful Exchanges’.

Louise McSharry Show

With lockdown making us more aware of what we have and need - Carla's interviewed on all things swapping, in this Easter Sunday Special of the Louise McSharry Show.


Irish Tech News

Irish Tech News picks up on Barterchain - and its recent podcasting debut with Pete Townsend.


Silicon Republic

Barterchain is one of just three Irish companies to get into the first Web3 Techstars Accelerator in Dublin. 

Empower Pitch Competition

Barterchain won this year's business pitch competition, with over 50% of the virtual audience vote.

Go Wild Magazine

Barterchain and Carla were picked up by Robert Power, interviewing for his  'A day in the life of' section of Go Wild.

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